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Environment and firefighting foams

BIOex is a responsible player in environment protection. BIOex designs and produces 100% fluorine-free ecological firefighting foams meeting the latest standards.

Firefighting foam

PFAS in firefighting
foams are controversial

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) contained in fluorinated firefighting foam are also known as “forever chemicals”. They stay in the environment, are bioaccumulative in human blood over several years and toxic for animals. They are reprotoxic and carcinogenic and induce groundwater contamination.

The health and environmental concerns increase constantly. With an immediate and long-term effect in the humans’ and animals’ organism, fluorinated compounds are progressively banned. In 2011, the European Union (EU) banned PFOS (Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid). Following European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) studies, the EU recently banned the use of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and is launching a new regulation to phase-out every PFAS in firefighting foam.

Bioex's Responsible environmental commitment

From the beginning in 1998, BIOEX took into account sustainable development aspects and aimed to minimise the impact of firefighting foams in the environment.

BIOEX produces eco-friendly firefighting foam, this means 100% fluorine-free and siloxane-free. BIOEX fluorine-free foams (ECOPOL, BIO FOR, BIO-T, BIO FOAM..) are biodegradable and considered as eco-products: they have very little impact on the environment during their life cycle compared to traditional fluorinated foams that are highly polluting.

BIOEX eco-friendly foams are GreenScreen Certified (independent certification support by Clean Production Action), meaning they are free of all fluorinated derivates (PFAS) harmful for the environment and human health.

By choosing BIOEX fluorine-free foam, you ensure the safety of your plant while contributing to preserve the environment.

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To effectively use resources to the maximum and to recycle our waste selectively:

  • Cardboard, paper and glass sorted into specific containers.
  • Collection and recycling of plastic packaging and ink cartridges.
  • Other waste collected by a waste disposal centre.

To undertake the responsible development of products to reduce their impact on the environment during their manufacture, use and disposal:

  • Whenever possible, we purchase raw materials in bulk or by full truck in order to reduce packaging waste and greenhouse effect gases impacted by transportation.
  • Our manufacturing products are recycled following a study by our laboratory.

To use recyclable materials whenever is possible:

  • Used containers are purchased for further packaging.

To monitor our energy consumption:

  • New premises are built at the latest standards.
  • Actions to reduce our thermal energy consumption.

To train and raise the awareness of our staff of environmental issues on a daily basis:

  • Specific areas have been created for waste sorting.
  • Setting printing preferences (printing on two sides of paper, black ink).
  • A preference for electronic communications.

In partnership with our customers and suppliers, to set up environmental best logistics practises:

  • Bulk delivery for packaging on customer sites and retrieval of empty packaging.
  • Blending the foam concentrates locally as much as possible
  • At the logistics level, reduction of the number of trucks through the organisation of collections.

To regularly review our policy and our environmental performances depending on changes of legislation and the new technologies becoming available.

To encourage employees carpooling.

Quality management policy

ISO 9001 certified since 1999, BIOex places customer satisfaction, personal safety and environment protection at the heart of its values and strategy.

BIOex has undertaken a continuous improvement policy making it possible to structure and organise the business more efficiently with a priority on:

  • Constant reactivity and deadlines respect
  • Research and development
  • Quality of associated services
  • Quality of the working environment
  • Health, Safety and Environmental approach

The quality of our products and services, our safety approach and our actions to protect the environment are the results of the Management’s commitment and the daily involvement of all our staff in continuous improvement process.

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Aircraft fire fighting foam concentrate


BIOex foam concentrates are certificatied to ensure optimum extinguishing performance.

Our certifications :

  1. EN1568
  2. UL162
  3. OACI
  4. GESIP
  1. OMI
  2. CEREN
  3. APSAD R12
  4. USDA
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