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Many sectors have transitioned or are transitioning to Fluorine-Free Foams (F3). Your company is concerned about PFAS remove and are planning to turn to eco-friendly F3 for your fire protection?

BIOEX is your partner to support your transition to Fluorine-Free Foam. In 2002, we launched the first Fluorine-Free Foam on the market: ECOPOL. A highly efficient multi-purpose firefighting foam, with best ratings according to international standards, used by major industries all over the world.

Fluorine free foam concentrate


First, changing for Fluorine-Free Foams (F3) is not a “drop-in” replacement for AFFFs. However, some foams can be formulate to perform effectively as an AFFF alternative with proper testing and design.

Second, you must ensure fluorine-free foam performance according to international standards (EN, UL, GESIP, LASTFIRE…)

Then, you must ensure fluorine-free foam performance on “specific fuels” (not tested yet by standards).

Finally, you must verify the compatibility with foam equipment: foam proportioning systems and foam discharge devices.

Now, you can select the appropriate Fluorine-Free Foam which meets your specific risks and needs.

CHANGING TO FFF: How to proceed?

BIOEX F3 foams are compatible with existing proportioning equipment. We must define appropriate foam application rate and discharge duration. It may induce minor system modifications.

When AFFF replacement, you must balance PFAS cleanout with replacement costs and time. If you don’t want to replace pump and storage tank, we recommend you this following PFAS cleanout protocol:

  1. Drain all foam from tank
  2. Flush tank and pipes with hot water and scrub where possible
  3. Rinse water analysis at lab to confirm PFAS cleanout
  4. F3 Foam replacement: tank refilling with F3
  5. Test/commissioning with the concentrate: the finished foam quality is highly dependent on the hardware (foam proportioning system, distribution system and discharge device)
  6. AR-AFFF, AFFF foams and cleaning water disposal

To know more about BIOEX Transition service to Fluorine-free foam, please contact BIOEX Foam transition team.

Discover our different services

BIOEX customer support services provides our customer assistance in case of urgent need of foam concentrate, foam sample analysis and testing. We provides a foam calculation tool defining foam concentrate needs. BIOEX also supports companies in their transition to Fluorine-Free Foam (F3).

BIOEX has a strong experience in foam formulation, analysis and testing. We work closely with our customers to offer high-performance firefighting foams. These foams are laboratory and large-scale tested.