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Firefighting foam concentrate performance test on fire

To ensure foam is suited for its intended use, BIOEX provides a service to make sure of foam performances on specific fuel.

firefighting foam concentrate performance test on fire


In our facilities, we have a designated area in which we can run, on demand, fire testing with a wide range of small-scale and large-scale fire test pans.

Fire extinguishment tests are usually made according to international standard such as EN1568 with heptane, acetone and isopropanol, but they can be run according to other standards (ICAO, IMO, UL, NFPA…). They indicate foam performances in extinguishing fires and burnback resistance. A third-party can supervise fire tests.

Our premises are available for end users and engineering companies when they have restrictions in their own facilities/countries to test some specific layouts or applications on specific fuel.

Please consult us whether you need to verify: foam with specific additional fuels, foam fire extinguishing system, establish exact efficiency of each product…

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BIOEX customer support services provides our customer assistance in case of urgent need of foam concentrate, foam sample analysis and testing. We provides a foam calculation tool defining foam concentrate needs. BIOEX also supports companies in their transition to Fluorine-Free Foam (F3).

BIOEX has a strong experience in foam formulation, analysis and testing. We work closely with our customers to offer high-performance firefighting foams. These foams are laboratory and large-scale tested.