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Medium expansion Firefighting foam concentrates

In medium expansion, the foam expansion ratio is between 20 to 200. For example, 100 litres of water + premix solution produces approximately 5 000 litres of foam. Foam expansion ratio is therefore 5000/100 = 50.

Medium Expansion finished foam can be applied over smaller distances. It allows a relative gentle application. Larger quantities of foam are produced with minimum quantity of premix solution within a short time. Combined with a good flow rate, medium expansion foam cover large areas quickly, forming a thick foam blanket.

Medium expansion foam is generated by the passage of air through branch pipes and other medium expansion foam equipment. Due to is low density, medium expansion foam is a bit sensitive to wind and bad weather.

Medium expansion firefighting foam is mostly used by municipal fire departments, for small surfaces such as solvent storage, cellars in closed, or partially closed, areas within which the walls limit the spread. Medium finished foam is also used for vapour suppression, small fires involving flammable liquids, plastics, tires, as well as road traffic accidents.

BIOEX offers synthetic fluorine-free foam (FFF) and fluorinated (AFFF and AR-AFFF) medium expansion firefighting foam concentrates. BIOEX foams may be used in other expansion ratios mixed with fresh/sea water. BIOEX high quality firefighting foams are approved by international standards (EN1568, GESIP, LASTFIRE, UL, NFPA, IMO…).

medium expansion firefighting foam concentrate