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High expansion Firefighting foam concentrates

In high expansion, the finished foam has an expansion ratio above 200. For instance, 100 litres of water + premix solution produces approximately 40 000 litres of finished foam. That means that the foam expansion ratio is 40000/100 = 400.

High expansion foam covers a large aera quickly due to the large volume of foam produced. The foam extinguishes fire and insulates. In high expansion, bubbles are numerous and very light, it contains a large amount of air and is not suitable for outdoor use. High expansion foam can’t be projected.

High expansion foam is generated through high expansion foam generators or high expansion fire extinguishing systems using the inside air technique. High expansion finished foam flows directly from the foam discharge equipment. It achieves large discharge of high expansion finished foam with little water used.

High Expansion foam generation is used on 3 dimensional fires, to flood large volume surfaces and fill cavities. High expansion firefighting foam is mostly used on dry product fires or in premises with mixed risks (class A and class B fire): stores, warehouses, flammable liquid storage protection, aircraft hangar, distribution warehouse, tunnel facilities, marine engine and pump rooms aboard vessels.

BIOEX high quality synthetic fluorine-free foam (F3) and fluorinated (AFFF and AR-AFFF) foam concentrates are approved APSAD R12, EN1568, NFPA, UL, IMO. Foams can be mixed with fresh and sea water and used in other foam expansion ratios.

high expansion firefighting foam concentrate