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Toxic vapours suppression agent

Toxic vapours are characterised by the release into the atmosphere of gaseous substances.

They can be of varying origins:

  • Pressurised gas: phosgen, ethylene oxide, vinyl chloride, ammonia or even chlorine
  • Decomposition in water: TiCl4, POCl3, SOCl2
  • Thermal reaction: silanes
  • Concentrated solutions: hydrochloric acid, ammonia

These solvents have a high foam destructive capability.

Which foam used to suppress toxic vapours?

BIOEX provides high quality vapour suppression foam concentrates. It provides an effective and stable vapour suppression foam blanket on hazardous acid or alkali spills, and seals the release of toxic gas. It also controls the spill while waiting for emergency services to pump the substance.

The vapor suppression agent is mostly applied in medium expansion above the spill. A technical study can be conducted in advance to control the effectiveness of the foam on the solvents.

Chemical industry fire fighting foam concentrate

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