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Class A/B fire multipurpose firefighting foam concentrates

BIOEX supplies multi-purpose firefighting foam concentrates, also called A/B foam. These foam concentrates are efficient on solid class A fires (such as wood, carboard, trash, plastics), as well as on hydrocarbons and polar solvents class B fires (diesel, acetone…). For example, municipal fire brigades can use A/B foam on a fuel spill on a roadway, as well as in a building or factory fire. The advantages: only one sort of fire suppression foam required in the fire truck.

BIO EX offers both fluorine-free and fluorinated (Alcohol Resistant-AFFF) multipurpose class A/B firefighting foams. Foams can be applied in low, medium and high expansion. They can be introduced in a wide range of foam equipment and mixed with fresh or sea water.

Depending on the situation, firefighters have to adapt the foam proportion directly on the foam equipment:

  • When used at 3% with water and foam discharge equipment. It forms an aqueous film or a foam blanket above the fuel and spreads quickly over the fuel. The foam blanket blocks vapor and prevents from reignition, while the water included in the foam blanket cools down the fuel.
  • When used at 0.1%-1%, it reduces the surface tension of water and increases the penetrating and wetting properties of water. The foam is more effective than plain water. Foaming abilities of class A/B foam creates a barrier during wild land fires.

BIOEX fire suppression foam are certified under standards as EN1568, UL, LASTFIRE.

Firefighting foam concentrates on tyre fire