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Class A foams

Class A foam concentrates are used in ordinary combustible material fires (class A fire), such as wood, vegetation, paper, carboard, fabric, vehicle, tyres, trash, coal, rubber, plastics or premises fire. Class A firefighting foams are also effective against forest fire, bush fire and wild land fire.

What is a class A foam concentrate?

Class A fire are extinguished with fire suppression agents as wetting and foaming agents or firefighting foam concentrates. On a class A fire, it is also possible to apply dedicated F3 (Fluorine-Free foam) or AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) in low expansion. Gentle and forceful applications are possible depending on the structural fire situation.

Class A wetting and foaming agents are applied in low concentration ranging from 0,1% to 1%. The wetting ability of the foam lowers the surface tension of water, and allowing bailed materials to be penetrated more effectively than plain water alone, while cooling it. It also gives the water a foaming ability to remain and cling to the surfaces without running off.

BIOEX class A foam concentrates are compatible with all types of fixed and mobile foam equipment and proportioning devices. BIOEX firefighting foams can also be used on class B fires. BIOEX high performance class A firefighting foam concentrates are used by international fire brigades and muncipal services, also in the automobile industry and in various industries such as waste treatment management for landfill fire for example.

BIOEX class A foams are approved by major international standards such as EN1568, CEREN, UL, NFPA and the US Forest Service.

The use class A foam on solids fire is more efficient compared to apply water only. Firefighters using class A agents will save precious amount water, human resources and foam equipment mobilized. Consequently, firefighters will have more resources to fight other fires.

class A Firefighting foam concentrate