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Fluorine-Free Foam (FFF)

ECOPOL N, Newtonian Fluorine-Free Foam efficient on class B hydrocarbon fires


ECOPOL N is a liquid fluorine-free foam that offers an ecological alternative to AFFF. Indeed, ECOPOL N is a liquid fluorine free foam, its viscosity is similar to AFFF. This does not require a change in the dosing system.

ECOPOL N extinguishes Class B hydrocarbon fires quickly and prevents re-ignition thanks to a durable foam mat. Its extinguishing performance is certified according to EN1568-3 v2018.


The foam blanket formed by the ECOPOL N firefighting foam allows a rapid extinction of hydrocarbon fires. The foam spreads quickly, blocks flammable vapours and prevents re-ignition. It also has a long-lasting cooling effect on the fuel and the hydrocarbon storage tank.

ECOPOL N offers similar performance on hydrocarbon fires as AFFF foams. It can be used in direct or indirect application. The extinguishing performance of ECOPOL 3N is certified 1B in fresh water and 1C in sea water according to EN 1568-3 v2018 by an independent laboratory.


Choosing ECOPOL N is choosing an ecological alternative that preserves the environment and health, while combining effectiveness against hydrocarbon fires. ECOPOL is formulated without silicone, without PFAS (fluorinated derivatives, including PFOS and PFOA), which are recognised as potentially Persistent in the Environment, Bioaccumulative and Toxic (PBT) to living organisms. ECOPOL N does not contain intentionally added PFAS.

ECOPOL N is readily biodegradable.


ECOPOL N can be used on class B hydrocarbon fires such as diesel, crude oil, petroleum distillate, paraffin, etc. It can also be used on class A fires.

ECOPOL N can be used on flammable liquid fires, such as petroleum storage tanks or oil spills.

ECOPOL N can be used in low and medium expansion.

foam direct application
  • Compatible with all dosing systems
  • Can be used with fixed and mobile extinguishing systems, as well as with foam equipment (sprinkler head, foam pourer, nozzle, monitor…)

ECOPOL N is available at 3% for hydrocarbon fires.

  • European standards: Certified EN 1568-3 1B fresh water and 1C sea water
  • HOCNF approved

Available in 20 L (5 gal) drums, 200 L (55 gal) drums and 1000 L (256 gal) IBCs.


10 years

The foam concentrate is manufactured in an ISO 9001 V2015 certified unit.

Customer references

All over the world, oil companies, industrials and fire departments have chosen ECOPOL N for their fire protection.

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