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Pioneer in eco-friendly firefighting foams, BIOEX provides a wide range of Fluorine-Free Foams (F3), as well as Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) and Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foams (AR-AFFF).

BIOEX foams are designed to meet your needs and risks, especially for:

Depending on the situation and the equipment used, BIO EX firefighting foams can be applied in:



Our business is regulated by different standards and certifications, depending on the end use of fire fighting foam. All BIOEX firefighting foams certified by independent and well-known laboratories. This is BIOEX major commitment, which aims to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our product to users. Contact us or see the technical data sheet to view certificates of each of our products.

The main standards and international certifications of BIOEX firefighting foams are compliant with: 

  • EN1568: European standards EN 1568 determines the performance of foam concentrates in terms of effectiveness on class B fires (hydrocarbons and polar solvents).
    • Part 1 covers performances using medium expansion
    • Part 2 deals with high expansion
    • Parts 3 and 4 determine the effectiveness of foam concentrates used with low expansion on hydrocarbons and polar solvents respectively.

These standards are drawn up by groups of experts from foam concentrate manufacturers, professional users (such as the fire departments of petrochemical and chemical industries), and from independent fire laboratories.

Applied in 2019, the version V2018 replaces the version V2008. The standard EN1568 V2018 introduces an environmental approach, considering firefighting foam impact on environment (toxicity and biodegradability). The certification conditions harden: including the examination in certified laboratory of the water used, as well as additional performance tests... A new classification rewards the foam concentrates which over-perform.

  • GESIP: The Groupe d’Etudes de Sécurité des Industries Pétrolières et Chimiques is a French association originating from the main oil companies. The test protocols have been adapted to the risks encountered on sites and define the minimum application rate depending on product performances.
  • LASTFIRE: International independent organization developed for and by oil companies such as BP, Total, Petronas, Qatar Petroleum… LASTFIRE provides fire tests and certifications.
  • UL162: The UL is an independent American laboratory that certifies different types of equipment and product and which also publishes its own standards.
  • NFPA: The NFPA is an association for "fire protection", it draws up and publishes the American standards defined by technical committees.
  • USDA: US regulation for fire suppressant foam (class A foam) dedicated to wildland fire, forest fire, aircraft and ground application
  • CEREN: French regulation for wetting and foaming agent dedicated to ground and aerial application on forest fire
  • IMO: The IMO standard is an international standard applicable to the Marine/Navy sector. The tests on fires described by the circulars cover fire risks for the navy.
  • SOLAS: certification for international maritime organization, ship, this certification is represent by the MED wheelmark
  • VERITAS: certification for marine application
  • ICAO: The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard is an international standard covering airports. This organisation proposes specific test protocols for Civil Aviation related fire risks. In the matter of foam concentrates, it defines the physical-chemical properties and a performance requirement on kerosene fires.
  • APSAD R12: French standard for high expansion fixed foam equipment installation and implementation
  • GreenScreen: ecolabel for PFAS-free firefighting foam
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