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foam concentrates

Since 1998, BIOEX produces a wide range of efficient and eco-friendly firefighting foam concentrates: FFF, AFFF and AR-AFFF. In 2002, BIOEX launched the first Fluorine Free Foam concentrate in the market.

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High performance foams:

Preserve the environment:

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Greenscreen certification


ECOPOL and ECOPOL F achieve GreenScreen certification. The first ecolabel for PFAS-free firefighting foams which preserve environment and health.

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Foam concentrates
efficient on all kind of risks

BIOex designs and manufactures high quality foam concentrates for various firefighting applications.

Select your industry

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical industry
  • Aircraft
  • Marine
  • Fire brigade
  • Waste treatment
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firefighting foam concentrate for petrochemical industry
Firefighting foam concentrates for Oil & Gas industry

Oil companies are regularly faced with high hazard and fire safety issues. Upstream and downstream oil and gas production companies, operating onshore and offshore, use firefighting foam to fight against…

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firefighting foam concentrate for chemical industry
Firefighting foam concentrates for the chemical industry

There are several risks in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as in power plants, distilleries, solvent and coatings (paintings, varnish, perfume, aroma, essential oils, fragrances…) manufacturing plants and warehouses:…

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Firefighting foam concentrates for aircraft

Aircraft fire protection is a public safety issue. Airports, aerodromes, heliports, helidecks, aircraft hangar, helistations are faced with water-immiscible flammable liquids risk, class B – hydrocarbon fires, such as kerosene,…

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marine firefighting foam concentrate
Marine firefighting foam concentrates

The marine industries and military naval applications are mostly faced with class B risks, hydrocarbon fires. Marine vessels, marine tankers and FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) are equipped with…

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class A Firefighting foam concentrate
Firefighting foams for fire brigades & civil defence

Opposed to specific industries, fire departments and armies must cover a wide range of fire risk during interventions. The choice of a multi-purpose, highly efficient and environmentally friendly firefighting foam concentrate is…

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waste treatment plant foam fire extinguishment
Foam concentrates and wetting additive for waste treatment process

In waste and recycling centers, the main fire risk is class A fire of solids. Waste processing facilities contain waste of paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, compost and so on. Waste…

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fluorine-free foam
vs fluorinated foam

Besides to choose the best firefighting foam for your fire safety, which meets your needs and protect your risks. Health and environmental concerns can be balanced in your decision.

Fire fighting foam concentrate manufacturer

Fluorine-free foams

Since 2002, BIOEX develop and manufactures eco-friendly fire fighting foams, « a new generation green products » which are 100% totally free of fluorine derivates, and which have proved their effectiveness with responsible customers.

  • Environmentally-friendly, totally biodegradable
  • Free of PFAS with no impact on health
  • Highly efficient on fire suppression and burnback resistant
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Firefighting foam

Fluorinated foams

BIOEX also provides high efficient AFFF and AR-AFFF firefighting foams.

  • Made up with latest short- chain C6 fluorosurfactant, do not contain PFOS and PFOA
  • Minimum impact on environment
  • High fire extinguishment and burnback resistance performances
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Why choose
BIOEX foam concentrates?

BIOEX foam concentrates performances are certified under international standards – EN1568, ICAO, IMO, LASTFIRE, GESIP, UL, NFPA, APSAD R12 – in order to guarantee efficient fire extinguishing performance and high burnback resistance.

oil refinery, refinery plant, refinery factory.
bioex expertise value value


Innovative laboratory optimising foam concentrates formulation.

bioex performance value


Firefighting foams efficient on various type of risks (class A and class B fires).

Bioex ecological value


Essentially committed to protect environment and health.

Bioex customer carre


A team dedicated to customer satisfaction.

BIOEX news

Discover BIO EX’s firefighting foam concentrates latest news and international firefighting events’ participation.


Part of the LEADER Group and based at Sainte-Consorce (France), BIOEX is a leading company in eco-friendly firefighting foam concentrates manufacturing. Since 1998, BIOEX formulates and manufactures highly efficient and eco-friendly firefighting foam concentrates.


In 2002, BIOEX was the first to launch Fluorine-Free Foam concentrate (F3) on the market. ECOPOL is an eco-friendly firefighting foam, free of fluorinated surfactants, which takes care of the environment and health.


BIOEX foam concentrates are used by firefighters in Fire Brigades, Petrochemical plants, Chemical industries, Tank storage, Airports, Marine and Waste treatment process



High performance foams: OUR COMMITMENT

Preserve the environment: YOUR CHOICE

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