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waste treatment plant foam fire extinguishment

Foam concentrates and wetting additive for waste treatment process

In waste and recycling centers, the main fire risk is class A fire of solids. Waste processing facilities contain waste of paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, compost and so on. Waste and recycling industry is also faced to other fire hazards like batteries, chemicals, aerosols fires.

The analysis of trash and recycling fire risks relative to the plant is essential to determine the appropriate firefighting foam concentrate.

BIOEX foaming and wetting additives put out class A fires quickly and penetrate deeply into the material, limiting the risk of local re-ignition. Foam concentrates’ foaming and wetting proprieties increase firefighter autonomy, allowing to fight against fire longer with the same amount of water. BIOEX wetting agents are perfect for cover Household Waste Incineration Plants, solid waste storage and processing facilities.

Some waste stored or processed can be flammable liquids of hydrocarbon or polar solvent (class B fire). The use of adequate class B firefighting foam is recommended in this case.

Trash and waste recycling centers can used BIOEX firefighting foam in fixed fire protection systems (for example sprinkler system) and in mobile foam equipment. The foam concentrate can be mixed with fresh water or salt water, in low, medium or high expansion.

BIOEX foam concentrates are complying with international standards such as EN1568, UL162…

BIOEX has been the partner of many municipal incineration plants for over 20+ years. BIOEX team can support your needs analysis.

Our foam solutions for waste treatment plants


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