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medium expansion firefighting foam concentrate

Foam concentrates for mobile firefighting equipment

When firefighters are on the run, they need flexible and robust fire equipment. Foam mobile devices are used in difficult access area, with varied angles of attack, or for specific foam application of firefighting foam, such as fires of oil pipe, spill of fuel, landing gear, engine, traffic crash, waste landfill…

The full range of BIOEX firefighting foam concentrates are suitable with most of proportioning systems combined to mobile foam discharge devices such as:

Finished foam quality is related to the use of appropriate foam equipment. BIOEX offers high efficient Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) and fluorinated foam (such as AFFF and AR-AFFF foams) concentrates either in short or long distance, depending of the foam equipment and weather conditions. These foam concentrates mixed with fresh or sea water with the help of mobile foam applications achieve low/mid/high expansion rates.

BIOEX fire foams are certified under international standards (such as EN1568, LASTFIRE, GESIP, NFPA…).

BIOEX studies your mobile firefighting devices to provide the best foam solution suited to your fire risks, quantities needed of foam concentrate, newtonian or pseudo-plastic foam concentrate, appropriate concentration rate, on-site storage conditions… BIOEX is your partner to have the best foam fire emergency response according to your needs.

Our foam solutions for mobile foam equipment


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