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marine firefighting foam concentrate

Marine firefighting foam concentrates

The marine industries and military naval applications are mostly faced with class B risks, hydrocarbon fires. Marine vessels, marine tankers and FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) are equipped with on-board marine/naval fire suppression systems. Marine offshore industries and shipboard fixed foam firefighting systems to flood and extinguish engine room fire.

Firefighting foam concentrates must respect requirements of Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). BIOEX Fluorine-Free Foams (F3) and Fluorinated firefighting foams comply with IMO, SOLAS/MED standard and are approved official bodies such as Bureau Veritas or DNV.

Thanks to a specific formulation using only C6 surfactants, film generating or AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) firefighting foam concentrates create a floating film making it possible to put out the fire using a direct jet a long distance from the burning fuel (on tugboats).

The maritime sector is more and more aware of environmental issues of fluorinated firefighting foams. They are therefore changing in favor of eco-friendly firefighting foam concentrates with minimum impact on the sea.

BIOex proposes ECOPOL: a Fluorine Free Foam concentrate (F3) effective on class B hydrocarbon fires using gentle or forceful application with slow drainage time.  Intended for alcohol fires (water-immiscible liquids), it covers all class B risks of fires encountered on ships, and also makes it possible to use it as High Expansion to drown ships’ holds or engine rooms.

BIOEX firefighting foam concentrates provide high quality foam to extinguish fire quickly and with a very high burnback resistance. The foam concentrate can be mixed with fresh or sea water, and used in low, medium and high expansion. BIOEX fire foam concentrates can include freeze protection.

With its 20+ years experience and exchanges with foam concentrate navy users, BIOex is a specialist and can help you in the choice of firefighting foam according to your requirements. BIOEX foams are also available at Ship Chandlers.

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