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Firefighting foams for fixed fire extinguishing system

Firefighting foams for fixed fire extinguishing system

Fixed foam fire extinguishing systems are installed in waste facilities, tanker loading racks, warehouses, tank protection, tunnels, marine engine and pump rooms…

BIOEX offers a wide range of firefighting foam concentrates compatible with most of dosing systems and fixed foam discharge equipment:

Foam quality is truly related to foam equipment.

BIOEX high quality Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) and fluorinated foam (such as AFFF and AR-AFFF foams) concentrates can be mixed with either fresh or salt water. They provide low, medium and high expansion with the help of fixed fire foam suppression systems. BIOEX foams comply with international standards (such as EN1568, LASTFIRE, GESIP, NFPA, APSAD R12…).

BIOEX analyses fixed firefighting installations to offer the best foam solution in term of risks covered, flow rate, quantities needed of foam concentrate, newtonian or pseudo-plastic composition, appropriate concentration rate, on-site storage conditions… BIOEX supports you to have the best foam fire response suited to your needs.

Our foam solutions for fixed foam equipment


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