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class A Firefighting foam concentrate

Firefighting foams for fire brigades & civil defence

Opposed to specific industries, fire departments and armies must cover a wide range of fire risk during interventions. The choice of a multi-purpose, highly efficient and environmentally friendly firefighting foam concentrate is a true challenge. This choice is relative to the highest risk faced during intervention.

Solid class A fire (such as building fire, traffic accident, forest fire, plastics fire, rubber fire, trash fire) requires the use of a wetting and foaming agent that quickly puts out fire in depth and limits the risk of re-ignition. Class A foams are used in wildfire, which are often difficult to access and need regular fire truck or aerial water supply. Class A firefighting foams increase wetting properties to penetrate deeply into the fuel and contributing to faster fire extinguishment and long-lasting burnback resistance, increasing firefighter autonomy in water supply and saving water.

Using a gentle or indirect application, some BIOex foaming and wetting agents also cover the class B hydrocarbon risk. Thus, urban fire risks are fully covered: solids, vertical structures, bins, vehicles…

Flammable liquids class B hydrocarbon fire requires a fluorine-free foam dedicated for class B fire or an AFFF foam concentrate (Aqueous Film Forming Foam). Nevertheless, on fuels that containing additives and are water-miscible (flammable liquids Class B polar solvent fire), foam requires AR type adapted foam concentrates.

The foam solution for municipal fire departments: a multipurpose class A/B foam concentrate
To cover all types of fire risks and guarantee effectiveness in every intervention, BIOEX provide multipurpose class A foam and class B foam: a unique foam to serve all risks. The eco-friendly multi-risk solution ECOPOL is 100% fluorine-free. BIOEX Fluorine-Free Foams (F3) are an environmentally friendly choice for emergency services while extinguishing efficiently and providing long-lasting burnback resistance.

BIOEX solutions provide a full range of high-quality foam concentrates for class A and class B fire (Fluorine-Free Foam F3, AFFF, AR-AFFF). Firefighters can use foams in low expansion at safe distance, at medium expansion and high expansion for confined spaces. BIOEX newtonian foams are compatible with most of foam equipment (such as CAFS, fire trucks) with fresh and sea water. BIOEX foam concentrates are complying with international standards (EN1568, NFPA, CEREN, USDA, UL…)

BIOex has been the partner of international fire brigades , municipal services, military bases and civil defence for 20+ years and is sensitive to their requests.

Our foam solutions for fire brigades


Firefighting foam concentrates on tyre fire

BIO FOR on tyre fire

Use of BIO FOR ecological solution to extinguish solid fires (class A) thanks to its wetting and foaming properties compared to the use of only water

class A wetting and foaming agent

BIO FOR on forest fire

BIO FOR line additives provide optimum effectiveness to extinguish forest fires (class A) thanks to its wetting and foaming properties.

Customer references

Major fire brigades across the world trust in BIOEX firefighting foams, such as French, German, Belgian, Spanish, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Lebanon, Myanmar Fire brigades…

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