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firefighting foam concentrate for chemical industry

Firefighting foam concentrates for the chemical industry

There are several risks in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as in power plants, distilleries, solvent and coatings (paintings, varnish, perfume, aroma, essential oils, fragrances…) manufacturing plants and warehouses:

The extinguishment and control of water-miscible fuel requires a versatile or AR (Alcohol-Resistant) firefighting foam concentrate. For class B polar solvents fire, the application must be gentle (indirect application). For class B hydrocarbon fire, the application can be direct or indirect.

Toxic vapors are an increasingly danger, characterised by the release into the atmosphere of gaseous substances. These chemical products have a high capability to destroy standard firefighting foams. In some cases, the application of standard firefighting foam is strongly discouraged as the reaction can be violent. On the other hand, the application of a specially designed NEUTRAL PLUS foam is highly recommended to control the fuel spill and suppress vapors.

With BIOEX product portfolio, you can choose between environmentally friendly Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) and fluorinated foam designed with latest C6 surfactants (short-chain). Our firefighting foams are suitable with fixed/mobile foam equipment. BIOEX high performance foam concentrates are UL Listed, EN1568 and LASTFIRE certified by third party.

BIOex can support you in your industrial fire protection choice and bring you its expertise on your specific risk (lab test or small-scale and large scale fire test for example).

Our foam solutions for the chemical industry


high expansion firefighting foam concentrate

ECOPOL on high expansion

ECOPOL multipurpose firefighting foam is used to flood warehouse with high expansion foam generator


D foam anti-foaming agent

Used to breakdown unwanted or excess firefighting foam

neutral plus

NEUTRAL PLUS Vapour supressing agent oleum chemical spill

NEUTRAL PLUS quickly controls the chemical spill. It supress toxic vapours from reactive and non-reactive hazardous chemicals. The finished foam creates a sealed barrier to neutralize the release of toxic vapour. Used at Medium expansion.

Customer references

Major chemical industries trust in BIOEX firefighting foams, such as SONATRACH, AREVA, ARKEMA, BASF, BAYER, DOW, DUPONT, LA MAUNY DISTILLERY, REPSOL, SMC, SMHP, PREEM, POLYOL…



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