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Firefighting foam concentrates for aircraft

Aircraft fire protection is a public safety issue. Airports, aerodromes, heliports, helidecks, aircraft hangar, helistations are faced with water-immiscible flammable liquids risk, class B – hydrocarbon fires, such as kerosene, gasoline, landing gear, engine, fuel line fire.

Aircraft firefighting foam concentrates must comply with ICAO standard internationally (International Civil Aviation Organization), and acceptance by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. Foam concentrate is mostly contained within ARFF vehicle (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting). The foam is applied on a direct application by the airport fire truck long distance with the help of monitor. Small fires, that can’t be reach by the aircraft vehicle, can be put out with a fire hand line combined with proportioning device.

In airport emergencies, every minute counts. The foam adheres to vertical surfaces to cool aircraft parts such as the fuselage and the body allowing passenger evacuation. Firefighting foam flows rapidly over the fuel spill coating the fuel and cutting off oxygen supply in order to extinguish aircraft fire in few minutes and preventing reignition.

Soil and ground water contamination near airports and military bases is an emergency issue. With its strong experience in eco-friendly foams and aircraft fire safety, BIOEX provides 100% Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) dedicated to aircraft fire extinguishment.

Tested and approved by many international airports, ECOPOL A/A+ Newtonian Fluorine-Free Foams meet environmental concerns and fire extinguishing performances on hydrocarbon fires, approved by ICAO standard. Our aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) using only C6 surfactants is also efficient on aircraft fire extinguishment.

BIOEX foams can be used in low, medium and high expansion depending on the fire scenario.

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Why Groupe ADP has chosen ECOPOL A foam concentrate for their airports?

Groupe ADP has chosen ECOPOL A foam concentrate to equip its airport vehicles at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airports. Discover more about their choice with our eco-friendly and polyvalent foam concentrate…

airplane a-b747 firefighting foam

ECOPOL A on various aircraft fires

ECOPOL A fluorine free foam firefighting foam concentrate tests on A320 engine, landing gear and fuselage fires, helicopter fire, B747 aircraft fuselage fire and B747 spill fire.

ECOPOL A at dallas airport

ECOPOL A Foam Trials at Dallas Airport

With LEADER Mix Proportioner Setting 3% With Selectable LEADER nozzle 95 GPM

ECOPOL A+ fluorine free foam aircraft fires

ECOPOL A+ on aircraft fires

ECOPOL A+ fluorine free foam firefighting foam concentrate tests on A320 engine and fuselage fires and fuel spill fire. ICAO level B and EN1568-3 v2018 certified.

high expansion firefighting foam concentrate

ECOPOL on high expansion

ECOPOL fluorine-free ICAO-certified foam is used as high expansion foam to flood flammable storage facility with LEADER high expansion foam generators

Customer references

Major airports trust in BIOEX firefighting foams such Paris (Groupe ADP), Lyon, Lille, New Caledonia, Lisbon, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Genova, Hanover, Singapore, Monastir, Colombian airport, Malaysian Royal Air Force, Australian Royal Air Force, Azerbaijan airlines…

Paris Aéroport


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