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Aircraft fire fighting foam concentrate

Firefighting foam concentrates by use and by system

BIOEX provides high efficient firefighting foam concentrates for each kind of industry, risk and use.


  • Oil & gas companies: refineries, bulk fuel storage tanks, tank farms, tank terminal, LNG facilities, offshore platforms, FPSO (Floating Platform Storage and Offloading) …
  • Chemical industry: distilleries, solvent and coatings, paintings, varnish, perfume, essential oils, fragrances facilities, power plants…
  • Aircraft: airports, aerodromes, heliports, helidecks, helistations, aircraft hangar…
  • Marine: ships and vessels
  • Fire Departments: military applications, civil defence, vehicle accidents, urban fires, forest fires…
  • Waste treatment: plastics and recycling wastes
  • Training: field exercises, training center, fire school
  • Foaming suppression agent: breakdown finished foam


BIOEX offers high performance class A, class B, class AB foams and the ability to choose between Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) and fluorinated foams (AFFF and AR-AFFF) foam concentrates for your fire protection.


BIOEX firefighting foam concentrates are recommended for both types of fire extinguishing systems:


BIOEX high quality foams have international approvals from EN1568, UL162, LASTFIRE, IMO, ICAO, GESIP…


Major companies and fire brigades use BIOEX wide range of foam concentrates around the world for their fire safety.

medium expansion firefighting foam concentrate


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