Evolutions of the EN1568 standard

Firefighting foam concentrates Services

What are the evolutions of the EN1568 V2018 standard?

First of all, the V2018 introduces an environmental approach. It considers the impact of foam concentrate in the environment (toxicity and biodegradability). In addition, it recognizes the use and the performance of fluorine-free foam. Then, the conditions of certification harden: examination in certified laboratory, the water used, additional performance tests… A new classification rewards the foam concentrate which over-perform. 

What does this mean for you?

Foam concentrate certified EN1568 V2008 remains valid but will no longer meet the latest standards. For future supplies, make sure your foam concentrates meet the V2018 standard.

How does BIOEX support you in this evolution?

To offer the best quality of foam concentrate, BIOEX has already certified a range of product to EN1568 V2018: AFFF (BIOFILM), AR-AFFF (FILMOPOL), FFF (ECOPOL, ECOPOL PREMIUM, BIOFAM) and wetting-foaming agent (BIO FOR). To help you in your fire safety program, our foam concentrate experts remain at your disposal.

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