ECOPOL A3+ MILSPEC Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam concentrate (SFFF) meets US Military standard

In January 2023, US Department of Defense (DOD) published an F3 Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) with essential technical requirements for military-unique material. For foam concentrate manufacturers it represents the most rigorous test program of the global market! ​

BIOEX ECOPOL A3+ MILSPEC is officially certified by DOD (MIL-PRF-32725) and has been added to the renowned Qualified Product List (QPL). It means that US airport authorities and government agencies required to use MIL-SPEC qualified products can source easily our new FFF foam from now!​

ECOPOL A3+ MILSPEC is a fluorine free foam concentrate offering high extinguishing performance on hydrocarbon fires and excellent burn back resistance. Biodegradable classified, it is the best alternative combining respect of the environment and high performances.

Allowing direct projection at 3% onto aviation hydrocarbon fires (Kerosene, JET A, JET A1, etc.), it is usable at low expansion and medium expansion. ​


  • High performances on new fuels listed on MIL-SPEC standard
    Gasoline & JET A1: Primary hazard at military installations.
  • Advanced fire tests at nominal, half and double strength
    Proven effectiveness in all situations.
  • Low viscosity
    Foam is adapted to work with all dosing system.
    No need to change installations switching from AFFF to 3F.
  • Extensive biodegradability and toxicity tests
    To validate ECOPOL A3+ MILSPEC is harmless for the environment and easily biodegradable.
  • High extinguishing performance on hydrocarbon fires (class B)
    Excellent burnback resistance.
  • Forms a foam blanket above the fuel
    Adheres to vertical surfaces to insulate them thermally.

To know more, visit the ECOPOL A3+ MILSPEC product page or contact us.