ECOPOL 3 Premium get UL 162 approval

class b fluorine free firefighting foam

ECOPOL 3 Premium UL is a high quality AR-SFFF, usable at 3% on class B hydrocarbon fires and 3% on polar solvents fires and is UL 162 listed.


  • AR-SFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam): a multipurpose foam efficient on class B hydrocarbon (crude oil, gasoline, kerosene…) and polar solvent (alcohol, ketone, ethers…) fires, as well as on class A fires.
  • High fire extinguishing performances equivalent to AR-AFFF foams, generates a thick and stable foam blanket to prevent from reignition
  • Low viscosity: pseudoplastic foam easy to dose with most of foam equipment
  • Induction rate: 3% on hydrocarbon and 3% on polar solvent fires
  • Usable at low, medium and high expansion
  • Usable with fresh, sea and brackish water
  • Easily biodegradable
  • UL 162 listed
  • ECOPOL 3 Premium UL foam concentrate is used in process plants, storage areas, refineries, tank farms, power stations and by fire departments


  • Fast fire extinguishment and long burnback resistance performances according to UL 162 certification
  • Low viscosity solution: easily proportioned by most of foam equipment
  • Versatile foam: stock only one type of foam concentrate to cover several fire risks, usable on class A/B fires
  • Environmentally-friendly solution: 100% fluorine-free and siloxane-free, do not contain PFAS (including PFOS and PFOA) intentionnally added in the formulation

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