Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming foam Firefighting foam concentrate

FILMOPOL 1N is a high quality multipurpose film forming foam concentrate liquid, usable at 1% on class B hydrocarbon and 1% on polar solvents fires.


  • AR-AFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam): on hydrocarbon fire, it forms a thin aqueous film forming which spreads rapidly above fuel surface avoiding contact with oxygen. On polar solvent fire, selected compounds avoid foam destruction by polar fuels. The water content of the foam produces a cooling effect
  • Low viscosity – newtonian solution (liquid)
  • Induction rate: 1% on hydrocarbon and 1% on polar solvent fire
  • Multi-purpose: efficient on class B hydrocarbon fuels (crude oil, gasoline, kerosene…), polar solvents (alcohol, ketone, ethers…) and class A fires
  • Usable at low expansion
  • Usable with fresh, sea and brackish water
  • Freeze-protected
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Formulated with latest short-chain C6 fluorosurfactants
  • Fire suppression on: storage tanks, bund, process areas, loading racks, power stations, airports, marine terminals…


  • EN1568 -3 and -4 version 2018 certified
  • GESIP qualified


  • Fast fire extinguishment and long burnback resistance performances relating to EN1568 V2018 standard ratings
  • Newtonian solution (liquid): easily proportioned using all foam equipment
  • Versatile foam: stock only one type of foam concentrate for several risks
  • Increase fire fighter autonomy: diluted at 1% instead of 3%, you use 3x less foam concentrate to produce the same quantity of foam solution
  • Require smaller storage tanks and set-up space
  • Contains no PFOS or PFOA fluorocompounds

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