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THE first fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate for hydrocarbon fires that performs better than the best AFFFs.


espumogeno para hidrocarburosECOLOGICAL

  • Fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate
  • Readily biodegradable


  • Used at 3% in direct application on hydrocarbon fires
  • Obtained the best 1A performance classification under EN 1568-3 standard (Certified 1A / Fresh water and 1A / Sea water)

Foam concentrate for hidrocarbon fireEFFECTIVE ON HYDROCARBON FIRES

  • Exceptionally fast extinguishing action on hydrocarbon fires (Excellent smothering properties equal to the best AFFF foams)
  • Very long burn back time equal to the best protein foams !


  • Offers durable adherence on vertical surfaces
  • Insulates of storage containers or hydrocarbon tanks in case of fire nearby


For more information about the foam concentrate ECOPOL F3 HC, click here

UL-certified AFFF foam concentrates

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UL162 1The AFFF foam concentrates FILMOPOL and BIOFILM are now UL 162-certified.

FILMOPOL, an AFFF fluorosynthetic AR versatile foam concentrate, is especially effective at:

  • putting out hydrocarbon fires fast owing to its AFFF properties (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam)
  • forming a protective film gel over the surface of all types of flammable liquid (class B polar solvents) due to its AR property (Alcohol-Resistant) offering remarkable resistance to re-ignition of the exposed combustible materials.

UL162 3BIOFILM, a fluorosynthetic AFFF foam concentrate, is designed to put out hydrocarbon fires.
Its film-forming property gives it excellent extinguishing speed on hydrocarbon fires.

Having our products certified by recognised independent laboratories is essential for BIOex. These certifications are a guarantee to users of the controlled quality of BIOex products. 

UL Certification

UL162 2UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent American test laboratory which defines safety standards for different types of product in the USA. These standards are demanded in many countries around the world.

Standard UL162 validatesthe extinguishing power of fire-fighting foam concentrates on class B fires (hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires) to a defined protocol. It also requires checking of manufactured batches and regular inspection of the production site.

A range of foam concentrates to cover every kind of risk

BIOex offers complete ranges of traditional, ecological, synthetic and protein foam concentrates to cope with every kind of risk - Class A fires, class B hydrocarbon fires, class B polar solvent fires and toxic vapours, etc.

Satisfied customers

A great many companies in France and worldwide have chosen BIOex foam concentrates for their quality and performance (CIBA, ADISSEO, DOW, EDF, SANOFI, AIRBUS, etc.).
AFFF foam concentrates are widely used around the world by oil companies, airports, firefighters and industrial companies. Since their recent UL certification, FILMOPOL and BIOFILM have attracted great interest among our Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin American and US customers.